Eligible Projects

Incentives are available for all the following energy-saving upgrades. Find a Participating Contractor for a free quote.

Air Infiltration
Seal, caulk and weatherstrip your home to reduce air leaks.
Ceiling Insulation/Attic Encapsulation
If your home isn’t properly insulated, chances are much of that cold and warm air is escaping your home and taking your money with it.
Duct Sealing
Seal leaks and holes and properly connect ducts to reduce energy waste.
Cool Roofs
High-efficiency roofing materials reflect solar heat instead of allowing it to be absorbed into your building.
ENERGY STAR® Certified Pool Pumps
High efficiency pool pumps are designed to save energy.
ENERGY STAR® Certified Windows and Sliding Glass Doors
Install efficient windows and sliding glass doors to stop cold drafts and hot air from entering your home.
Evaporative Coolers
In hot, dry climates installing evaporative cooling is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to cool your home.
Evaporative to Refrigerated Air Conversions
A high-efficiency refrigerated air conditioner can provide greater energy savings. Your contractor can recommend a model that will offer maximum efficiency.
Refrigerated Air Upgrades
Replacing your old refrigerated air conditioner will help you with cooling costs. Your contractor can recommend a model that will offer maximum efficiency.
Solar Screens
Solar screens installed on south- or west-facing windows or glass doors block at least 65% of the solar heat gain.
Water Heater Pipe Insulation
Insulating the pipes and tank of an electric water heater prevents heat loss.
High-efficiency mini-splits can help you save energy and allow you to control temperatures in individual rooms.
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